5 Cost-Effective Ways to Promote a Business

Most small business owners have low ad budgets, and that makes it vital to promote the company in the most cost-efficient ways possible. From creating networks to getting involved in the community, every piece of good publicity can help to get a business’ name in front of potential customers. Here, company owners can get five inexpensive business promotion tips.

Make the Company Visible

The more community involvement a business has, the more promotional opportunities exist. Businesses can sponsor charitable events, ask employees to volunteer at nonprofits or offer the use of the building for school events. All of these steps cost next to nothing, but they position the company in a positive way. With this tip, the business is introduced to new people, and existing customers see that the company is practicing good corporate citizenship.

Be Sociable

Being active on social media is another low-cost way to put products in front of customers. Use sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote the company, and update pages regularly with information on sales and new products. Post video demonstrations of products, start an interactive blog and hold contests that bring people into the store.

Network Relentlessly

A small business owner can enhance his or her promotional efforts by taking part in business networking events. Join the local chamber of commerce or an industry group, and attend events. Most organizations have a focus on helping small business owners promote their services and products to colleagues. Bring a stack of business cards, talk to as many people as possible, and form relationships with prospective customers.

Start an Exhibit

Business expos and trade shows are great places to promote the company. Get in touch with event planners and learn about various exhibition opportunities. Many of these events are focused on small business owners, and as such, have reasonable entry fees.

Don’t Forget About Traditional Avenues

Even though creativity is important when promoting a business, it is still crucial to use traditional media. Create an ad and marketing campaign within the company’s budget, and target the desired demographic. Build an interactive site, update it frequently, and create high-quality marketing materials. Put print ads in the publications the audience reads, and make a list for email and direct mail marketing.