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Why you Should Use Medallions and Coins?

A lot of people have been having issues lately with how dependent they are with alcoholic beverages. But there are also a lot of them who would love to stop the madness. These groups of people are all desiring to stop with the addiction and finally break free from it and start new lives. They hold meetings with group sponsors, everyone in the group is an alcoholic in their own level. What happens in these meetings is that each and everyone of the members are given the option to encourage one another on how alcohol addiction should be stopped. Each and everyone of these people are trying to help one another stop drinking alcoholic beverages. In this kind of group, you don’t only get friends but you develop a solid relationship that will later on turn into a second family for you. Because of this kind of relationship, a lot of people have already successfully overcome the hardships of alcohol addiction.

The group hands out medallions, coins or tokens to those who have started to become sober and have stopped drinking alcohol. The medallions or coins handed out will have different colors and made from different materials. The coins will correspond to the number of days, months or even years that a member has been sober and left the alcohol addiction for good. There is also a coin that is rewarded to the very first day of being sober, it will usually come in the color, white. The next coin you will get will be a bronze coin, this symbolizes sobriety for a week. A metallic coin is given to you when you reach the first month milestone. You get more coins as you go by without a single drop of alcohol inside your system and that is a very awesome feeling. The people who get coins will become and example that the others will follow because they too would like to get coins and feel good about it.

You need to know that stopping an addiction is very hard, it is what your systems wants and it is quite difficult to defy what your body needs and what your body wants, this is why you should be happy that you have also tried to stop.

If you want to help one another, make sure that you encourage anyone with the same issue as you have, this will give you and the other guys a better chance to win against the addiction.

By following this guide, you will be able to see how important these coins can be in encouraging alcoholics to stop with the addiction.

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