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Granite Countertops Discussed: Why They are the Best.

In the recent past, granite counter tops have become popular. It’s durability and easy to care for nature make it a favorite among home owners. What makes it an excellent material is its stony beauty, warmth and originality. If you are in Atlanta GA, there are many vendors that have the best offers for granite counter tops with different designs and colors. It is important to buy granite counter tops for your home due to the reasons below.

Granite is as tough and long lasting as diamond which makes it a perfect choice for counter top material. It is mostly used in kitchens because it value is long-lasting. It can handle extreme heat and is hard, a reason why chefs prefer to use it. It compliments all tones of wood because it is beautiful and it lights up the kitchen. There is a wide range of colors for granite counter tops. These slabs range from green, pink, yellow, and blue, black and white, among others in over 200 hundred colors. The color you choose can complement the interior decor of the room. The variance enables you to remodel in the future.

When it comes to the final look in your kitchen, there are different types of finishing for granite counter tops. You can have a polished, honed, flamed or brushed finishing with a unique feeling. For bright look, most people choose a polished finish that is not only bright buts is also easy to maintain. Unlike the polished finish, a honed finish is laid back and less bright while the flamed finish is extra heated and crystallized to make a rough and textured feel. When you buy granite counter tops they can last the entire lifetime.

There are different thickness preferences but a 3 cm one is most common. Others prefer the 2 cm/3/4 width. The weight of slabs varies with the width with 12-13 lbs per square feet for 2 cm and 18-19 lbs per square feet for 3 cm. 3 cm thickness is the best choice since no reinforcement will be needed.

To best maintain granite, make sure that to seal it during installation. The reason for sealing is because granite is porous, so the sealing agent prevents it from absorbing water and staining. Therefore, ensure that your counter top is sealed every year. It’s also important to wipe it using a cleaner and soft cloth. Inquire about the best cleaners to use during the installation of the counter tops.
Visit different vendor websites online by searching ‘granite Atlanta GA’ on your browser. For clients with personal designs, reach out to vendors that can customize counter tops for you.

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