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How to Make an Acrylic Plaque

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  1. Hold the body cutting and foot plaque

This cutting stage is basically to make the basic shape of the plaques. At this stage, the acrylic sheet is formed according to the design of the plaque you want. Acrylic cutting techniques there are 2 types of manual using a saw or cutter and automatic use of laser machines.

Cutting acrylic in this manual way should only be for simple plaque design only. Such as straight form or simple curvature. The design should also have a large cut radius. Since this is a manual technique it requires special skills from the plaque craftsmen in order to get maximum results. But you must remember that the main problem of this manual technique is the uniformity of the plaque cut. So it takes more attention to the finishing stage to make the plaque uniform in size and shape. If you want to make a plaque you can visit


An acrylic cutting technique with a laser has several advantages that are speed, uniformity of size and shape, and ability in cutting shape more detail and complicated. Enough with the process of setting the design to software and cutting can be done repeatedly with a faster time of course. Disadvantages of the laser machine are the price of a laser machine quite expensive and require a large electric power. The gas generated by the laser machine also requires special handling, especially if the machine is in a room with no air circulation.

  1. Stage drawing, writing, and coloring

Images and writing on acrylic plaque can be grouped into i.e. 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions. 2-dimensional drawing and writing on acrylic can be made with various techniques such as screen printing and printing. The advantages of 2-dimensional drawings and writings are you can make writing and color that is a graduation. While for 3-dimensional images and writing using the graphics machine. The process is the same as cutting acrylic using a laser.


After both stages above there is still another job in making an acrylic plaque that is finishing work. This means the refinement and polishing stage as a finishing touch. Because even if you use a laser machine, there will be a smoother piece of the laser machine.

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