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Some people may be confused about the difference between a passport and a visa. After all, both are needed when abroad. wait, don’t be confused! A passport is an official document issued by a state official. Passports must be owned by everyone who travels cross-country. Like a document, a passport is our identity while in the country. Passports are also proof that we have citizenship. So, if there is a force major, we can come to the nearest Indonesian Embassy. Meanwhile, a visa is a permit to enter a particular country. On the visa is written personal data, date of arrival and return, as well as destination for arrival in the country. Visas are useful to ensure the security of the country that the visa owner will visit. Because without a visa, smugglers can freely go in and out of a country.

For users, visas are seen as a benchmark whether they are considered ‘worthy’ to come to a country. Yep, in the visa application process, not all visas can be given, you know. The reasons vary, ranging from economic, social, or health considerations of the visa applicant. In essence, the visa will be refused if the applicant does not meet the requirements of the Immigration Act of the destination country. Visa granting and rejection are the preogrative rights of local Consular Officials.

Visa is also different depending on the purpose of the visa owner’s arrival, namely:

  • Short-stay visa: Usually used by tourists and only valid for short periods (15-30 days) as evidenced by round-trip airplane tickets that you have ordered.
  • Student visa: Used by foreign students, valid until the study period ends.
  • prepaid Visa card online: Used by foreign workers who are committed to returning to their home countries after the end of the work period.

The longer you stay in the country, the more complicated the licensing is. Do not forget to adjust the time of your return with the return time that has been submitted on the visa. Don’t ask for a short-stay visa, but stay there for months! The penalty is not kidding, you can be picked up and accused of being an illegal immigrant! Got deported!


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