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Companies are starting to understand the importance of hiring practices on company culture. Long gone are the days of boring old interviews, and employees staying with a company until retirement.

Many companies have also taken the initiative to step up and incorporate differently abled employees into the work culture as well.  These hiring practices are not only helpful for providing fair employment practices for all, but they are also great for business.

There are many benefits to hiring people with disabilities. These benefits are:

  • Disabled people are usually more reliable and have a better retention rate
  • Disabled employees are less likely to be involved in work accidents
  • Businesses that hire people with disabilities may receive tax credits or incentives
  • Workers with disabilities help increase the diversity in the workplace

IBM is one of the few proud companies that hires people with disabilities. This company requires their employees to participate in a disability awareness training program. Many studies have shown that people that are disabled take less absent days. They are also more likely to stay on the job than the employees that are not disabled. A study was conducted on the Illinois Tollway Customer Care Center by the Chicago Lighthouse. The customer care center hires people that are blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veterans. The average disabled employee had a retention rate of 1.7 years, whereas the employees without disabilities had a retention rate of only 0.9 years.

Another company that is promoting inclusivity in the workplace is the Half Price Banner company. This company actively hires people with autism to support all people that are affected by autism. The Half Price Banner company provides custom signs, vinyl banners, and feather flags to organizations and individuals that are advocating for those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. A study conducted by the DuPont company revealed that workers with disabilities had much better awareness in the area of safety than the employees without disabilities.

The Proctor & Gamble company is a multinational manufacturer that also employs disabled people. Proctor & Gamble is the owner of brands such as Crest, Tide, Folgers, and Head & Shoulders. They offer employment opportunities to disabled people to encourage an inclusive workplace. There are many businesses that can receive certain tax credits, if they are eligible. The credits are awarded for expenses from things like purchasing equipment for the disabled employees. Paying for any type of remodeling that is needed to make the facility more accessible can also make a company eligible to receive tax credits. The IRS website has more information of this.

The S.C. Johnson company is a fifth-generation family company that is also actively hiring disabled people. The company is a global leader in household brands such as Glade, Pledge, Windex, and OFF! S.C. Johnson has assembled an Abilities First Council to support and advocate for their disabled employees.

Workers with and without disabilities both benefit from a more diverse culture in the work environment. This teaches compassion to employees that were not aware of how disabilities affect people’s lives. Employees with different abilities have been known to be able to teach their coworkers new and more creative ways to work.

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