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I was able to graduate rather quickly because I worked really hard while I was in high school and while I was at college. I am good at playing online poker on betting sites and that was how I made just enough money to get through college without really needing to work the usual sort of job. The first year I did spend the summer working as an apprentice to my uncle, but he is a master plumber with something of a drinking problem. So he needed a helper to drive the truck for him during the three months that he did not have a valid driver’s license. Of course I really could not quite turn him down, because he was willing to get his boss to pay me 17 dollars an hour. I pretty much slept on his couch and saved just about every single penny. I spent just about three and a half years to get computer science degree, so I feel really fortunate.

I have a fair amount of student debt, but compared to some of the people I know I really feel quite good about it. Some of the people that I know are up to their eyeballs in student debt. Of course I shall have to spend a lot of time getting out of this, but it is really not crippling so long as I am able to get a good job and hold on to it. So far that is looking really good. My professors all seem to be quite proud of me and they hooked me up with several leads. It looks as though I am going to be offered at least two rather good jobs and I sort of let them both know that I had more than one option. I am not sure if they swallowed it whole, but it was pretty much true.

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