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Music in shops is not a new thing. In fact, it has been in place in many retail outlets for years. It’s also not seasonal, although many of us hear the Christmas songs more than most music, and that seems to start earlier each year.

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If the volume is not overpowering, music can often be “tuned out”, yet businesses still persist in playing it. Why? Subconsciously, we will still be affected. Music creates an atmosphere and affects our mood.

Millions of pounds have been spent over time researching how people shop, and why they choose one product over another. Branding has an effect, along with packaging and product placement, although environmental factors like the temperature in the store will also make a difference. Music is another variable factor.

Music Makes a Difference

Humans are affected by music. Just consider your favorite song and how that makes you feel. Hearing a sad song can change your mood, although we also associate low pitches with a lower mood. Conversely, a higher pitch can inspire a happier mood. We know what it does but not necessarily how.

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Quick, Quick, Slow

Tempo, or speed, also plays a big part. Diners in a restaurant will take their time and enjoy their meal when music is slower and understated. If the music is too fast, however, they might skip a course. Alternatively, you won’t want music that is too slow and laid-back or your customers might take too much time. You want them to enjoy their meal but leave in enough time for you to reuse the table.

The same principle applies in stores. Retailers want customers to feel they can browse, but making the music too upbeat encourages them not to browse long enough and leave without buying. You want the music to put them in the right frame of mind to spend and try things. It should be happy and bring out that emotion in people.

For more thoughts on how music affects sales from shoppers, see the information from Business Insider. If you wish to investigate in store music for your own business, do some research and contact experts in the field like Mood Media

It is certainly worth experimenting to see how music affects your sales. Try out different types of music and volumes until you find the right mix.

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