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Many people would have heard of the term ‘galvanized’ and not given much attention to what it means and why it is important. It’s a process that’s been perfected over a long period of time with proven effectiveness at being able to protect steel and iron.

Why Galvanize Metal?

The reason that you need to galvanize metal is to prevent rust. Rust is a common problem and one that everyone wants to avoid, partly as it looks terrible and can quickly make something that once looked great seem old and worn.

We’ve all seen a gate or fence that has rusted over time and loses that nice bright steel look. If you are using domestic timber bolts in a structure that weren’t galvanized, then the aesthetic could soon be ruined by metal as it takes on that dirty rust color.

The longer-term but more significant reason to galvanize steel and iron, however, is that the rust will weaken the metal over time. Oxygen will react with the metal, causing flake after flake to peel off until the structure is unstable. In the past, rust has been responsible for bringing down bridges, which shows how important it is to prevent oxidation from happening.

How Are Steel And Iron Galvanized? 

While steel and iron will start to rust almost instantly, one metal that doesn’t is zinc. While zinc isn’t suitable as a construction material in itself, it does have its uses in the industry, as this is the material that prevents bolts from rusting.

The process involves the steel going through an initial process where it is placed in caustic cleaning material, followed by a pickling process, and then a solution is applied. After that, the steel will be placed in a molten zinc bath where it will then be coated.

This process gives the galvanized timber bolts the strength of steel with the protective anti-corrosive layer of zinc. This will last for a very long time and be able to not only keep your structures looking in top condition but also keep them fundamentally stable.

Where To Get The Best Bolts?

Bolts are obviously going to be a key part of your structure and they are a construction component that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you were building with timber then you’d know that getting quality timber is going to be vital, but the same could be said for galvanized timber bolts too.

Using a domestic fastener supplier such as BACO Enterprises will ensure that you are getting the highest quality bolts available, which will give you a lot of confidence during construction. With steel bolts, you want to ensure that they are galvanized and you also want to ensure that they are well made; it’s important to find a supplier who can provide both.

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